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October 25, 2005

ICON 2004 Bootleg

Hallelujah! Go tell it on the mountain and shout it from every rooftop. I’ve finally got some downloadable content on my website! Yes… shocking I know. There’s more to come but for now, here you are. Anyway, the first and only clip currently available for download is that of ICON 2004, the Role-playing, comic book, anime, card-playing etc. festival I attend every year in July. However, 2004 was the first time I ever attended it. It was also the first year I ever got roped into doing stand up comedy for a room full of friends, all joined together under the banner of all things geek.


Now there are some things you should know: Firstly, I had a bad cold at the time. My voice was all but gone. Secondly, no one told me I’d be asked to do stand up for the crowd. It seemed like a spur of the moment thing. I happened by the awards tent at the right time and well, there you are then. In the end it all turned out great. In case you’re wondering about the odd fade ins and outs - the cameras battery was near death when the show was taped and with its last gasp, it was used to record this set. So, to all those of you who attend ICON every year, thanks for laughing and for your support. To those who have never seen me perform, now you have. And to those who have never seen me before, welcome and enjoy the show. Be well.

A very special thanks to Riaan for having the presence of mind to record my set. You rock dude. Thank you so much. And to Graham for slugging it out with uncooperative encoding software, may the Pink Esoteric Elephant of Silliness and Laughter watch over you always!

Broadband: vittorio-icon-2004-broadband-high.mov
Broadband lite: vittorio-icon-2004-broadband-medium.mov
Bandwidth challenged: vittorio-icon-2004-broadband-low.mov

Posted by vittorio at October 25, 2005 10:41 PM


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